The History of Tamasa Developments

The beginning of Tamasa Developments came together twelve years ago, with the focus on building homes primarily in Cotswold Downs Golf Estate in Hillcrest. The company is the brainchild of Leon Trickett, who sought to provide a central location for the entire construction process of residential homes. From Cotswold Downs, we spread our expertise to Howick, where we embarked on building homes in The St. John’s Lifestyle and Retirement Village. For approximately some five years now, Tamasa Developments has been designing and constructing homes on the estate for everyday people including professionals, families and couples, as well as retirees all looking for a safe environment within easy reach of schools , shopping centres as well as hospitals. Before Leon Trickett established Tamasa Developments, he began creating residential developments in Cotswold Downs, subsequently expanding the expertise within 'Tamasa Developments'. Dave Rees partnered with Leon when Tamasa Developments decided to move into St. John’s Village Lifestyle and Retirement Estate in 2014. Dave has attained over 25 years of experience in the commercial and industrial property environment, and together, Leon and Dave bring a rich knowledge of construction and real estate to the homes they have created.

Twelve years on, and Tamasa Developments has established a team of professionals, including architects, engineers, surveyors, project managers and associated tradesmen to ensure that only the finest homes are created in accordance to high-quality specifications. In addition, we take care of the financial and administrative aspects of the process. By providing expertise across the board, we ensure that our clients have just one point of contact, that being Tamasa Developments, thus making the development and purchasing process effortless for our clients.

Dave Rees and Leon Trickett- the launch of St John's Village Estate

One of the first homes built by Tamasa at St John's Village

Leon Trickett- Managing Director

Dave Rees- Director of Sales

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