Unlocking the Wonder of Home

DAY 4- National Lockdown.

Tamasa Developments is on a journey to design and build your home for beauty, wonder, potential, and human connection. Homes are built with intention. 

We want to be intentional in this time and continue to bring wonder and beauty to your home, in a different way, but with the same core vision. In the next few weeks we will be bringing out articles designed to lift spirits and help transform your relationship with your home:  tips, tricks, quotes, and daily creative inspiration. We want to help unlock the the wonder and magic of home and the potential that its architectural design holds. 

Theres a quote that goes- “Unlocking beauty is as simple as allowing ourselves to slow down enough to look for her”  -Katie Riddle

Maybe the ”slowing down” of our nation is just what we have needed to re-calibrate, rest, reconnect with others, and start to transform the place in which we live.

I recently interviewed a resident at St Johns Village in Howick who had truly made her house a home with personal articles of significance and intentional spaces filled with opportunity to read, paint, cook, entertain, and rest deeply. Her personal taste and choice in the actual architecture of her home allowed for great potential to do so.

 All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.
– Philip Johnson

We are here to help. And in this time of uncertainty and fear we are still here. Here to encourage, support, and release the potential of healing, rest, connection, and pleasure within your homes. 

We hope you have a restful day today! More to follow soon.

Stay safe.

The Tamasa Team

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